Some Halloween Inspiration

So you’ve purchased your costume, but are completely lacking in the jewelry department? Well here are a few jewelry wardrobes to top off that costume and make this years look extra special.

1. Isis Necklace (Cleopatra was considered Isis reincarnated!)

2. Lorna Scarab Cuffs

3. Neisha Arm Cuff

4. Sandra Necklace Cuff

1. Kallisto Crystal Necklace

2. Delphia Layered Necklace

3. Elsie Earrings

4. Acacia Beaded Bracelet

1. Amelia Pearl Necklace

2. Faye Necklace

3. Veda Earrings

4. Zuri Bracelet1. Kyler Necklace

2. Damien Chain Necklace

3. Elijah Bracelet

4. Louise Stone Bracelet

5. Joel Drop Earrings


Alluring Autumn

For the rest of the month of October, we will be doing a series of Autumn & Halloween inspired posts to get those creative, comfy cozy juices readied for the holidays. To start, let’s talk pumpkins. We all know how to carve a scary face, but how about glamming up that pumpkin instead?

Grab some gold spray paint, glue, rhinestones, and a black sharpie. Decorate away!

Pumpkin + Copper Spray Paint = some classy Fall decorations

So the spider might take some craft store hunting, but other than that all you need is a bag of rhinestones, a glue gun, and some patience.

A monogrammed pumpkin – how cute is this?

So simple! Simply take a black stocking, drape & pin.

How do you plan on decorating your pumpkins this fall? We’d love to see!

(all photos via pinterest)

A Malibu Affair

This past weekend Saturday was spent at a dear friends’ gorgeous wedding at Saddle Rock Ranch in Malibu. A beautiful wedding always lends itself to design inspiration, and after this weekend I can’t wait to add some new designs to our wedding collection!The cake (complete with R2-D2 cake toppers!) & the outdoor seating

The bride and groom & the lovely note for their guests

The grooms cake – a ghostbuster! – and designers Robyn Rhodes & Cody Elderkin

What’s your most memorable part of a wedding – yours or anyone else’s?

Crystal Creations

Here at Robyn Rhodes we believe in constant reinventions…and constant new arrivals. Every Tuesday we roll out the latest designs from current collections, and this week’s is a personal favorite. The raw crystal reminds me of a hidden treasure you would find buried in the sand…that is somehow magically encased in gold. Yes, a stretch, but still a romantic thought.


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Antiquity Trip

This weekend I made it over to one of my favorite museums, the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. They are currently holding a Pompeii exhibit complete with casts of victims – both human and canine – from the AD 79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius. However, 2,000 year old victim remains aside, the Getty Villa has so much beauty to offer in way of both antiquity and architecture.

Couldn’t help but snatch a shot of some of the jewelry in the gift shop…look familiar?


A Short List of Fall Essentials

It’s happening! After record breaking temperatures for months, Los Angeles is finally experiencing a little thing called Fall. Some of us were worried it wouldn’t come at all this year, but we’re slowly gearing up to put away our short shorts and crop tops (for a while anyway). Here’s a quick list of some majorly necessary wardrobe essentials for this fall:

1. White Chiffon Blouse

2. A Killer (faux) Leather Jacket

3. An Oversized Knit Cardigan

4. A Wide Leg Pant (remember to keep them long enough for high heels!)

5. Black Skinny Jeans

6. The Perfect Riding Boot

7. Stackable Bangles

8. Stackable Rings

What are your fall favorites?


Crystal Creations

With a new line released starting this week, and a future one swiftly in creation, we had a wonderful excuse to get out of the office today. Our little field trip to a crystal distributor here in Los Angeles was filled with some amazing statues, a beautiful teapot, and lots and lots of sparkle.