Meet the Team!


Job Title: CEO, Owner

Fashion Icon:  Diane Keaton circa Annie Hall, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly

Dream Vacation Spot: Tuscany

Favorite Robyn Rhodes Piece: All of them….. but if I had to choose, I am partial to the Rita necklace.

I Feel Naked Without…earrings!

What Inspires Me: My mother, Nature, Color, old movies

As a former celebrity assistant and after several years working in the TV & Film industry, Robyn Rhodes decided to channel her creative desires and energies inward and left the business to start her own line of jewelry. Robyn was inspired by fusion of chain and stone. Making her own unique designs using glass pendants and giving them as gifts, word of mouth quickly spread and she knew she was onto something.

With such innovative creations, Robyn soon found her designs being worn by Hollywood’s elite, including Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Sofia Bush, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Tilly, and Maria Menounos, to name a few. With the word spreading, it was inevitable that she would be featured in InStyle, ELLE, Lucky, People, Los Angeles Magazine, Rachel Ray, Seventeen, and many more. Not only has Robyn herself been interviewed on “Entertainment Tonight”. “Extra” and “Access Hollywood”, but the jewelry has also been worn on various television shows including Entourage, Entertainment Tonight, America’s Next Top Model, The OC, & Rachael Ray. Robyn has also joined forces with denim company, Rock & Republic to design jewelry for their runway shows at New York’s Fashion Week.

Robyn realizes how fortunate she is to be able to do something she is so passionate about. She is driven by a strong desire to give back any way she can. This is why Robyn is driven to work closely with a few charities that she has a particularly strong connection to.

Robyn is constantly being struck by inspiration from not only her dreams but also by things in her everyday life. It is not at all unusual for her to sketch out an idea for a design on a napkin while she’s out and about. She is the type of person that always has a number of projects in the pipeline, and is constantly thinking of new avenues to explore. And with such loyal fans, she is certain to be designing for many years to come.

Job Title: Associate Designer
Fashion Icons: Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Angelica Houston (Love all of her chunky jewelry!) Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick
Dream Vacation Spot: Greece
Favorite Robyn Rhodes Piece: Well this changes daily but the thing I have been wearing most right now is the Barbara necklace and my mix of brass bangles (Nallah, NishemRamlaNani)
I feel naked without: face moisturizer
What inspires me: I feel like I get excited most about raw materials and nature. I get obsessed with things like tiles or beautiful paintings. I feel like textures get overshadowed by color a lot of the time although both are inspiring.

Cody is the Associate Jewelry Designer at Robyn Rhodes.  She studied Design at the University of La Verne.  Cody has two dogs named Kipper and Scout.  In her spare time, she likes to refinish furniture and enjoys telling bad jokes.  Cody eats an avocado every day.


Job Title: Branding Associate

Fashion Icon: Audrey Hepburn, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe…..oh the list goes on!

Dream Vacation Spot: Mykonos, Greece

Favorite Robyn Rhodes Piece: The Bailey Ring (and not just for the name!)

I feel naked without…arm candy, nail polish, & a bobby pin.

What Inspires Me: Vintage photographs, piles of broken and miscellaneous old jewelry, and when season’s change.

Bayley is the Branding Associate for Robyn Rhodes, and the go-to graphics girl. She graduated from FIDM San Francisco with a degree in Product Development, and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. She’s obsessed with anything vintage, anything that sparkles, and all things beautiful.



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