Some Halloween Inspiration

So you’ve purchased your costume, but are completely lacking in the jewelry department? Well here are a few jewelry wardrobes to top off that costume and make this years look extra special.

1. Isis Necklace (Cleopatra was considered Isis reincarnated!)

2. Lorna Scarab Cuffs

3. Neisha Arm Cuff

4. Sandra Necklace Cuff

1. Kallisto Crystal Necklace

2. Delphia Layered Necklace

3. Elsie Earrings

4. Acacia Beaded Bracelet

1. Amelia Pearl Necklace

2. Faye Necklace

3. Veda Earrings

4. Zuri Bracelet1. Kyler Necklace

2. Damien Chain Necklace

3. Elijah Bracelet

4. Louise Stone Bracelet

5. Joel Drop Earrings


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