A Few of History’s Most Memorable Gems

Our morning reading led us to this very interesting article from The Cut taking us about a history of the most scandalous dresses throughout history. From Josephine Baker’s thigh and midriff baring banana skirt to Bjork’s swan seen around the world, there were quite a few head turners.

However, as we’re in the world of jewels and bobbles, we turned our attention to the gems that have shocked the world. Here are a few noteworthy favorites…

At 45.25 carats in a stunning deep grey-blue, The Hope Diamond has seen more than The Titanic would have you believe. Rumored to be cursed, the wearers of the stone suffered disgraced deaths and ruined love affairs.

La Peregrina Pearl

The La Peregrina Pearl began it’s journey of crushing romances in the sixteenth century, when Phillip II of Spain bestowed it upon Mary Tudor. Anyone who knows Mary more fondly as Bloody Mary is surely aware that this marriage, and her life, ended quite poorly and quickly. After several more failed marriages for which it was a gift, it was eventually given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton – another famed marriage that didn’t quite stand the test of time.

Who doesn’t remember the pink diamond seen around the world? When Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 with the 6.1 carat Harry Winston stunner, it set off the colored engagement ring trend we are still seeing today. While the engagement didn’t last, the trendsetting ability of that ring likely isn’t going anywhere.


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