Inspired by Nature

I would never call myself a photographer, but on one recent hike, I could not help but take pictures throughout my journey….

I have always been inspired by nature and inspired while in nature.  This was the first picture I took… my path…

I came across this one tree.   Trees have heard and seen it all.  This one in particular has a story.

Then I got closer, I was mesmerized by the lines and the cracks in the bark.  Just like gemstones, no two trees are alike and have the same markings.

Then I got even closer and saw this round area that might have been a huge branch that had been cut off at one time… It made me think, regardless of circumstance, you just move on and you are going to be okay.  You will survive, thrive, and grow through anything.

I highly recommend to take the time to get outside, you never know what you will discover about yourself and your surroundings!


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