Bringing it Back to the Eighties

About a week ago, we came across this beauty and couldn’t resist snapping a pic and making it viral. We posted it to our Pinterest and Facebook, and the response was INSANE! It was obvious so many of you look back at these with the same nostalgia we do, but what do you think – would you rock a modern version of one of these today?


Vintage 80’s Charm Necklace


A Lovely Model Rocking her Charm Necklace

A Neon Yellow Charm Necklace!



  1. I so agree … I am always so very busy with illustrations and work much harder on my own than I ever did when I was working for others, but it is so satisfying and I love creating my own schedule. And you’re right, don’t give up! Thanks so much for stopping by the Chanel post last week and dropping me a note … loved it! xoxo

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou

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