Robyn Rhodes is featured on the show Jane By Design!!!!!

Working on the ABC Family series `Jane by Design’ gives costumer designer Olivia Miles-Payne the opportunity to dress a wide range of characters, from high-school fashionista Jane to devious fashion designer India.

“This show is really fun for me because I have teenagers, adults and ages in-between, so it’s not like doing a cop show or a lawyer show because we have so many types of styles going on,” she says. “There’s a big cast so there is a lot to do.”

Jane (Erica Dasher) presents an unusual challenge because she is transitioning back and forth from high school to her job as an assistant to a high-powered fashion executive.

“When she leaves her school, initially we would do an entire costume change,” Miles-Payne says. “Then we dialed that back a little and her school outfits are often something where she can add a high heel or different accessories and dress it up for work in the city.”

tvfash2219.jpg“This is a good example of the way Jane goes from school to work. In this photo, she is wearing a Zara cardigan, an Anthropologie bustier and belt, and a cuff by Robyn Rhodes. (Robyn Rhodes) is a great jewelry designer and her jewelry is all over the show. In this photo, Jane is wearing jeans but later when she goes to work I switched to a Diane von Furstenberg metallic skirt and added heels.”

Congrats to Olivia Miles-Payne for being Awesome!

Check the show out and spot our pieces.

Jane By Design


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