Kung Hei Fat Choy – Happy Chinese New Year, The Year of the Dragon….


Chinese New Year’s Day

The first day of the Chinese New Year celebration encompasses the welcoming of the deities.  Most people (Buddhists especially) will refrain from eating meat on this day because they believe it will help ensure longevity.  Camp fires and the usage of knives are considered harbingers of bad-luck on the New Year’s Day, so every piece of food is cooked the day before.  Firecrackers and fireworks are both extremely popular, but they are banned in some locations.  To counteract this, many government cities (like Hon Kong) launch large-scale fireworks that can be seen from far away to substitute the experience.

1)Blake 2)Juliane 3)Adriana 4)Renne 5)Harper

Bringing Luck, Fortune and Longevity to Your Celebration with Chinese New Year Food Traditions

Chinese New Year food traditions are an important part of the celebrations during the holiday. Food often has symbolic meaning when they are served during the fifteen-day New Year Celebration, such as dumplings and fish. These foods are nearly always served because of their meaning and the desire to bring luck, longevity, and wealth into the home for the upcoming year.

* Tangerines and oranges which represent happiness and abundance. These are displayed in the home and given as hostess gifts. Giving tangerines whose stems and leaves are intact represents lasting friendship. Giving such tangerines to newlyweds represents the promise of many children.


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